May Musings: A Poetic Celebration for all the Senses


Image Credit Karien Belle Studio

Named after the Greek goddess of fertility, Maya, May is the month of wild abandon. None of us needs any convincing that there are umpteen reasons to discard our heavy coats and embrace the month of May with glee, and hopefully with not much more than a lovely light-weight garment! For May is a promise of glorious summer and in its own right a joyous celebration of all that embodies Spring & renewal in nature. With heady colours, wild scents and indulgent tastes – from delicate peonies, flowering magnolias and windswept heather to sweet cherries, apricots and rhubarb in season – it’s undisputedly a month that highjacks our senses and enhances our mood in a way that no other month is able to do.

With traditions like dancing around the maypole, showering one’s loved one with gifts on May 1st, and quirky celebrations including National Chocolate Truffle Day, Eat As Much As You Like Day, Love A Tree Day, No Diet Day, National Wine Day and of course Mother’s Day, it’s no wonder that May holds a very special place in our social, culinary and fashion calendars. May literally makes us want to jump for joy, reach for colours and textures in our wardrobes that stimulate all our senses after a long winter spent indoors. It makes us crave going on long walks and experience nature in all its new season glory.

In conclusion, we owe it to ourselves to create beautiful poetry in May. Let’s be the epic muses in our own stories this month! I hope my little May selection of extravagant goodies with their beautiful colours, textures and embellishments will provide you with inspiration to be brave and bold.

May all your senses be in overdrive in May!

1. Karien Belle Studio

This divinely eloquent range of scarves, wraps, throws, cushions and other garments made from the finest wool, linen and cotton literally is pure poetry. Karien Belle’s inspiration is drawn from her globe-trotting travels with its fascinating encounters with fellow travelers & locals alike and draws on the ancient wisdom in poetry and prose. Hand-embroidered with spiritual and motivational quotes that’ll transport you to faraway places or let you focus on the here and now – the choice is yours! – these exquisite one-off pieces in their vibrant, eye-catching shades are not only already cult classics but they’re also fast becoming collector’s items and would-be heirlooms. Wear your poetry on your sleeve – I guarantee you’ll inspire those around you in the process this merry month of May, Instagram @karienbelle, Facebook @KarienBelleCreativeDesign


Image Credit Karien Belle Studio | A poetic skirt for an epic adventure


Image Credit Karien Belle Studio | Wear your poetry on your sleeve!


Image Credit Carien Belle Studio | Poetic (w)rap for the beach


2. Stefania Morland

Wanting to celebrate Spring in all its magic and glory? Look no further that this celebrated designer’s exquisite, ultra-feminine pieces to add to your May repertoire. Playful and elegantly extravagant, Stefania Morland’s trademark silk tulle collection of one-off pieces is lovingly hand-made in her studio on fashionable Kloof Street, Cape Town, each with the aim to celebrate the female figure and give beautiful additionality to every person’s unique style and aesthetic. Indulge in layers and layers of the softest tulle, beautifully constructed to flatter and caress … Just add a pair of sturdy green wellies and join the Windflower Fairy, Lady-smock Fairy and Dandelion Fairy in your Spring garden. Believe me, you’ll no doubt be the envy of the May Fairy, Instagram @stefaniamorland, Facebook stefaniamorlandclothing


Image Credit Stefania Morland | May celebrations in a fairytale gown


Image Credit Stefania Morland | May beauty – layers of tulle to strut your stuff in the Cape Winelands as the seasons are changing


Image Credit Stefania Morland | A dreamy ensemble fit for the May Fairy!


3. Coast and Koi

Coast and Koi makes footwear that tickles every one of the senses. Not only is each creation pure eye candy, they’re also an unadulterated tonic for the soul. They transport you to faraway places and at the same time make you feel you’re on holiday in your own home. Whether you opt for the Pointy Pumps, Moroccan Style Babouches or Espadrilles in animal print, stripes, or polka dots the combinations and permutations of decadence are endless. Decisions, oh delicious decisions! Satin, silk velvet, leather or brocade? As for embellishments … tassles, vintage rhinestones or flowers? Then there’s the question of colours … saffron, amber, jade, chartreuse? Believe me, when you visit this designer at her delightful Cape Town seaside studio (with figs, dates and very own special tea potion on offer) you come away already dreaming of the next pair of must-haves right at the top of your wish list., Instagram @coast_and_koi, Facebook @coastandkoi


Image Credit Coast and Koi | Boho chic de luxe – Ibiza here we come!


Image Credit Coast and Koi | Fit for the royal court


Image Credit @coisas_deviagens by Coast and Koi | Royal pumps add flair to the Lisbon skyline


Image Credit Coast and Koi | In the Pynck … errr pink!


4. Miss Knitwear

These delicately knitted, super luxe mohair pieces are simply the bee’s knees for making the most of the change of season. Airy, elegant and at the same time providing an extra layer of warmth on a breezy day in May, this range of high quality kid mohair (the fleece of the angora goat) capes, shrugs, scarves and ponchos doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to sustainability either. Delicately soft ostrich feather embellishments from Cape Karoo farms with ethical farming practices add to the glamorous charm of these pieces. Designer Candice Johnson grew up in the arid Karoo region of South Africa and has a much love and respect for, and an uncanny affinity with this extraordinarily beautiful part of the country. She effectively incorporates the washed-out neutrals so characteristic of the Karoo landscape into her beautiful creations. Whether you’re relaxing at home or combing the beaches this May, elegance and practicality have never felt more fluffy, cuddly or soft., Instagram and Facebook @Missknitwear


Image Credit Miss Knitwear and her team in Brussels | Feathered brooch and mohair Jumper – chic, chic, chic!


Image Credit Miss Knitwear, Styling Cally Palmer, Photography Avron Leto, Model Raquel Galvao | Beyond glamorous in this bordeaux feathered wrap


Image Credit Miss Knitwear | A feathered mohair piece in echru. It’s easy to be the heroine in your own story this May in this ensemble!


Image Credit Miss Knitwear, Styling Cally Palmer, Photography Avron Leto, Model Raquel Galvao | Finest knitted mohair poncho – wearing a little bit of airy nothingness close to the skin


5. Janine Binneman Jewellery

When you acquire some treasure from this self-confessed mermaid / designer, you buy into a bit more than just ordinary magic. Janine crosses far-flung oceans and continents to forage for the perfect gems to put in her rings, bracelets and earrings. Her pieces are mouth-wateringly delicious, dripping with citrine, topaz, tourmaline, rubies, emeralds and diamonds, and often are a luscious symphony of many of these gems clustered together. Each of these modern heirlooms tell a story of a journey, having been hand-crafted from stone to gem to jewel. In fact, she often asks, why not wear the entire rainbow if you can? Think outside the box: why not have bells on your fingers and rings on your toes this May?, Instagram @janinebinnemanjewellerydesign, Facebook Janine Binneman Jewellery


Image Credit Janine Binneman | Morganite ring set in rose gold – dripping with gorgeousness!


Image Credit Janine Binneman | A rainbow cluster ring – why not wear the entire rainbow?


Image Credit Janine Binneman | A gemcluster ring – a collection of memories all in one piece


Image Credit Janine Binneman | A smoky topaz ring – pure deliciousness!

PS: As if we need another reason to celebrate all these beautiful colours, smells, tastes and textures in the month of May, it also happens to be National Smile Month in the UK!

So, whatever you do, keep smiling

Cecile Paul

Author at Pynck

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