Miami Swim Week 2021 – Powered by Art Hearts Fashion

Join us for the longest running production of Miami Swim Week. Officially at our events will take place from July 9th – 11th throughout South Beach and will feature the coolest swim & resort designers from around the globe.

This season we will be creating an ultra premium experience for our guests. No overcrowding, and all seats will be assigned and arranged in clusters so that you are only sitting with the people you are with. There will be an appropriate distance between seat clusters.

Ultra Premium Experience = Catering, Gifts, and Relaxation.

In our new Theatre Style format guests will be escorted to their assigned area. Guests will remain in this area during the presentation which in addition to our runway shows will feature surprise performances and so much more. In a similar format to a Broadway Presentation. Guests will be seated and will be able to remain in their seats throughout the entire showcase. 2 hour run time. There will be an intermission for bathroom breaks.

Perks by Category:

  • Row 1: Unlimited cocktails / Food / Mega Gift Bags all brought to your seat (reserved seating for you and your guests) drinks included
  • Row 2: Unlimited tray passed house cocktails (reserved seating for you and your guests) drinks includedRow 3/4: Seating assigned at check in / Reserved seat
  • (drinks available for purchase)
  • General Admission: These guests will have standing room access and distanced from other guests not in their groups (drinks available for purchase)
  • Catering: Guests will no longer have to get out of their seats to go to the bar as we will be pampering you and bringing everything to your seat.

* Keep in mind space will be extremely limited. If interested make sure to reserve your tickets now

 Miami Swim Week 2021 image

 Miami Swim Week 2021 image

 Miami Swim Week 2021 image

 Miami Swim Week 2021 image

 Miami Swim Week 2021 image

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