Molly Goddart Fall 2021 London Fashion Week

Classics for Posterity: Cross-generational Dressing in Molly Goddart’s Fall 2021 Collection, her beloved Trademark Tulle partnered with more than a Tad of Tartan and Tweed.


All image and video credit: Molly Goddart and Vogue

Molly Goddart looked northwards for inspiration when it came to fabric choices for her Fall 2021 collection. True to form (and my goodness, we all need some frothy tulle cheer this year!) the designer didn’t disappoint when it came to the silhouettes her loyal following have come to expect: sculptural, somewhat theatrical and blissfully vibrant prom dresses complete with ribbons an’ bows. Sheer exuberance (and a sigh of relief) as Molly’s clearly identifiable shapes in frothy tulle emerged from the somewhat dowdy mustard yellow background!

The collection was still fun but it was definitely a little more paired down compared to previous collections. There was a certain sharpness and toughness here that we haven’t noticed as much either in previous collections.


Image credit Vogue | The black and blue tulle dress is a showstopper.

This time there seems to be an element of practically (for want of a better word) within this heady mix. Let’s face it, Molly Goddart will never do loungewear, but there was a nod to something slightly more everyday. Traditional tweed, a well-known clan’s tartan, Scottish plaid and Shetland herringbone wool served to juxtapose the whimsical tulle, mesh and taffeta very nicely and as with the addition of Fairisle knits, these less frivolous cloths bring a certain grounding and maturity to the collection.

The designer wants this collection to be seen as pieces for posterity, and moreover, pieces that are ageless future classics. Some of the pieces did look slightly crumpled (deliberately so, no doubt, to make the point!) as if unearthed from granny’s attic.


Image credit Vogue | Tartan, denim and a stripy scarf

The addition of Royal Stewart tartan delivers a wonderful grittiness and Britishness to the looks. The addition of denim as an under piece to showcase the transparent tulle works well and offers a practical solution for wearing these magical bulbous tulle pieces. Long stripy woollen scarves add to the colour palette and bring even more joy to an already cheery collection.


Image credit Vogue | Taffeta dress with sharp bows



Image credit Vogue | Royal Stewart tartan



Image credit Vogue | Plaid babydoll dress


Standout looks in this collection are the pink and red double-breasted peacoat (endearingly feminine and ever so sensible!) and the dramatic black and blue circular tulle dress (a definite show-stopper). The gold platform boots, a development from the striking platforms in her SS 2021 collection, worn with many of the looks as well as the layering of the lace-up sandals over socks and tights (again, a little nod to Scotland!) are nice touches.


Image credit Vogue | Pink coat with red velvet trims



Image credit Vogue | Men’s suit with frilly details on the back


As always, quirky colour combinations and the unorthodox mix of fabrics and textures are what Molly Goddart’s dedicated following expect and they’ll most certainly not be disappointed this time around. In fact, Molly Goddart may just have gained a few more male followers too! We’re watching with interest to see how the menswear range develops.

Molly prides herself that most of the collection was manufactured in the UK and most of the fabrics used are local.


Image credit Vogue | Fairisle jumper over tulle



All image and video credit: Molly Goddart and Vogue

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