Royal Watch – 10 Years of Kate Middleton and Prince William

Kate Middleton’s Decade as the Duchess of Cambridge

As her 10th wedding anniversary with Prince William arrives, the future queen is a hands-on mother of three, a busy working royal—and a key part of the future of the monarchy.

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The Wedding, in Photos

On April 29, 2011, royals and celebrities from around the world gathered at Westminster Abbey for the wedding of the decade.

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How the Global Media Fell in Love With Kate

On her wedding day, the world couldn’t get enough of the brand-new duchess—and her sister, Pippa. Here’s how the wedding paved the way for a newly visible (and highly scrutinized) modern royal family.

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A Tribute to Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth wore her diamond-covered Cartier rose brooch, a wedding present from her late husband, to her first public appearance since his funeral.

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No Time for Amends

Prince Charles is allegedly “still fuming,” and there’s now a “huge wedge” between him and his youngest son.

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Archive: Mr. and Mrs. Wales

The perfect royal wedding was also a labor of love—and one hell of a party. With behind-the-scenes reports from the big day (and night), Katie Nicholl pulled back the curtain on the union of two strong personalities, revealing how Willam and Catherine kicked off a new era for the monarchy.

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