Stillgarden Distillery launch Summer Pouches

The summer of 2021 is set to be the “outdoor” summer, no matter what the weather, and we know how that can work out, especially in Ireland.   Anticipating this, Stillgarden, the Dublin 8 independent distillery, have launched a new form of packaging for their best-selling ready to pour cocktail range, as well as their gin and vodka portfolio. The new Stillgarden drink pouches are the perfect outdoor packaging for a social evening with your social bubble as restrictions ease and back-garden gatherings return later this summer.  

Available to purchase from the Stillgarden website and the Distillery’s shop these new 500ml pouches have been specially made for the Distillers Edition Gin, Boss Lady Gin, Early Harvest Vodka as well as the best-selling ready to pour cocktails,  Spent-spresso Martini, Raspberry Soiree and Cosmo.

They are priced at €29 to €35 (which includes postage to return your empty pouches for recycling upon request). Always seeking to be as ambitious and sustainable as possible, the pouches can be returned to the Stillgarden Distillery by prepaid post or by walking into the Dublin 8 shop with a 1 free 500ml pouch offered for every 10 pouches returned

The new flexible pouches reduce glass breakages and the overall shipping weight by 67.5% compared to glass bottles, which means less transport emissions. Though durable, the pouches weigh 42% less than the plastic stopper on the glass bottle, which means a lower volume of plastic waste than before.

Stillgarden also offer a  “Festival Ready” non-glass Cooler Bag  for €50 which includes one 500ml pouch of choice complete with 4 compostable cups, two 1 litre Schweppes mixers, garnishes and 2 garden tour tickets which includes a complimentary cocktail.

The new Stillgarden drink pouches are available to purchase via the Distillery shop in Dublin 8 with nationwide delivery and next day delivery available in Dublin for orders placed before noon via the Stillgarden website.  You can visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook @stillgardendistillery and on Twitter @stillgardend8.

Sean Mitchell

Author at Pynck

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