Tranoï June Event 21 – CÉLINE SHEN

CELINE SHEN is a French feminine fashion brand that combines fashion, choreography and philosophy highlighting the aura of clothes. Everything is made locally, manufactured in France. She is privileging mostly recycled fabrics coming from France and Europe. She recycles fabrics that cannot be used anymore to give them a second birth. Her garment is intemporal and unique. The collection is made like a wardrobe, each piece can be taken apart and put back together in numerous ways. Each look is composed of fragments which allows the creation of several silhouettes. A potential for superimposed layers, the better to undo, to liberate oneself. A construction in superposition.

Céline Shen is interested in working on temporality and the use of a garment that would be different, more durable, less thoughtless for the world and Nature.

Her philosophy, “free yourself from the superfluous and fly to catch the essential”.

Her fashion design statement, only bet on timeless and multifunction pieces.

To do this she gets inspired by the trousseaux – the brides’ wedding clothes made for themselves –and creates modular clothing like the XVIII century detachable collars and cuffs, with handcrafted details.




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