I M M A – A major exhibition to celebrate IMMA at 30

Visit Chapter One of a new exhibition to celebrate 30 years of IMMA

From 30 July 2021
Main Galleries,
East Wing

Opening today, IMMA presents the first chapter of The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now, IMMA: 30 Years of the Global Contemporary, a new Museum-wide exhibition showcasing the IMMA Collection to celebrate 30 years of IMMA.

The exhibition opens in four phases throughout 2021, with each new chapter exploring the past three decades through different thematic approaches. Chapter One: Queer Embodiment opens on 30 July followed by Chapter Two: The Anthropocene on 24 Sept; Chapter Three: Social Fabric on 5 Nov; and Chapter Four: Protest and Conflict on 19 Nov.

The first Chapter, Queer Embodiment, maps the context for the project, reflecting on the dramatic legislative changes that occurred in Irish society such as the decriminalisation of homosexuality (1993), provision of divorce (1996), marriage equality (2015) and the repeal of the Eighth Amendment (2018). These moments in the struggle for human rights find echoes across the globe, as grassroots movements continue to contest the impact of the State on the Body.

Admission is free, please book your tickets in advance at the below link and learn about your safe visit here. Follow our hashtag #NarrowGate on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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