Young Emerging Designers and Classic Brands Define London Fashion Week, S/S 2022; Introducing Fashion Freedom

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New horizontal image 5 models London FW 9-21.JPG

Edward Crutchley, Erdem, Harris Reed. Image credits: unless noted

While you’ve been soaking in all the new and wonderfully imaginative looks during these recent Fashion Weeks have you noticed a number of designers from around the world have presented their versions of a robe à la française? This gown was the height of fashion in the 18th century. The fitted “V’ shaped bodice is called a stomacher and by wearing panniers under the dress, the sides of the gown stand out creating volume and dimension. Richly decorated in costly brocades and exquisite embroideries, these gowns were worn by the wealthy and aristocratic women of Europe.

Designer Edward Crutchley presented his stunning version of the robe à la française ball gown, as shown above. Is this Cinderella look a trend? Or is storybook fantasy dressing that many of us have secretly longed to wear now available for purchase? As Fashion Weeks across the globe feature incredibly talented emerging young designers, the palettes become bolder and the brush strokes grow increasingly audacious. The gender fluid fashions free us from restrictions and provide all of us with unlimited possibilities. Welcome to fashion freedom.

London Harris Reed blk wht vogue cropped.jpg

Total drama by young superstar designer Harris Reed who designed legendary model Iman’s breathtaking ensemble for the Met Gala. Harris is 25 years old and only graduated from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London last year. His meteoric rise in the international fashion world is more that impressive. It’s spectacular, just like the garments he creates.

Iman's dress how it was made London young designer. FW 9-21 youtube video cropped.JPG

Watch the inspiring Youtube video, describing how Harris Reed designed and created Iman’s amazing gown for the Met Gala.

“The Making of Iman’s Met Gala Dress | Sketch to Dress | Vogue”


London Harris Reed blk wht stripes vog cropped mens.jpg

Harris Reed’s striking graphic creation.

London Erdem grn floal w hat vog.jpg

Erdem brand. Sweet nostalgia with a bold 1940’s print.

London Erdem floral dress vog cropped.jpg

Erdem Moralioglu MBE designs feminine dressing with exquisite details.

London Erdem wht lace vog cropped.jpg

Delicate lace dress by Erdem.

London Erdem 2 pc vog full skirt cropped.jpg

Crop top with lovely trapunto full skirt. Erdem.

London Erdem navy blue w hat vog cropped.jpg

Rich navy blue ensemble. Erdem.

London Erdem mens wt blue vog cropped.jpg

Floral menswear. Erdem.

London Nensi Dojaka blk tights vogue cropped.jpg

Nensi Dojaka, award winning young Albanian designer received the LVMH prize in 2021.

London Nensi Dojaka orange suit vog cropped.jpg

A blend of lingerie and RTW. Nensi Dojaka.

London Nensi Dojaka wht vogue cropped.jpg

Short shorts, blazer and sheer top, Nensi Dojaka.

London Roksanda dancer vog cropped.jpg

A troupe of dancers presented the Roksanda collection.

London Roksanda blow uop vog cropped.jpg

Are you wondering if this dress comes with an air pump? Roksanda.

London Roksanda rain coat vog cropped.jpg

Brilliant, glowing organza raincoat by Roksanda, a graduate of the Central Saint Martins Univeristy.

London Roksanda layers of color vog cropped.jpg

Roksanda references contemporary art for her apparel designs.

London Roksanda strings of yarn vog cropped.jpg

Avant-garde yarn garment by Roksanda.

London Richard Malone 2 tone trench mens vogue.jpg

Super cool two tone leather trench. Richard Malone.

London Richard Malone brwn vogue cropped.jpg

Richard Malone graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2014. His graduate collection was bought by Brown Thomas, Dublin. 

London Richard Malone blue woven vogue cropped.jpg

Richard Malone is an Irish fashion designer who lives between Wexford, Ireland and London.

London Richard Malone grn dress vogue cropped.jpg

Richard Malone’s creative silhouettes.

London Chet Lo Luxury london dot co.jpg

Young Asian-American designer Chet Lo studied knitwear at Central Saint Martins and made his debut at this London Fashion Week through Fashion East. His spiky, neon colored apparel is already popular with fashionistas and Instagram stars. Fashion East is a non-profit designer support and showcasing project that has championed and launched many world class brands.

London Chet Lo 2 pc vogue cropped.jpg

Chet Lo. Fun and squishy.

London maximilian fashion east cropped.jpg

Another young designer supported by Fashion East, Maximilian Davis is one to keep an eye on.

00009-Supriya Lele turq swim w pants vog cropped.jpg

Supriya Lele is a young British-Indian designer with an innovative fashion brand founded in 2016. Lele was a finalist of the LVMH Prize 2020.

London Supriya Lele orange keyhole vog cropped.jpg

Supriya Lele blends lingerie, swimwear and RTW.

London Edward Crutchley mens vog cropped.jpg

Edward Crutchley, menswear. Disco ready.

London Richard Quinn yellow vog cropped.jpg

London designer Richard Quinn covers the shoe with the trousers for a long look.

London Richard blue floral vog.jpg

Now that’s coordinating! Richard Quinn. Watch the runway video here.

London Chopova Lowena bubble dress cropped.jpg

The fantastic world of Chopova Lowena is a fabulous mix of fabrics, color, texture and positive energy. Talented graduates of the Central Saint Martins University, sisters Emma and Laura’s apparel brings a smile to your face.

London Chopova Lowena flowers vog cropped.jpg

You know you want these flower boots! Watch the kooky and energetic Chopova Lowena video here.

Let’s give our thanks to all the designers of London Fashion Week, with a special note of appreciation to the new and emerging young designers who take fashion innovation to the next level. Bravo!


Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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