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Did you know an average 9 minute shower uses about 100 litres of water, and to offset the carbon footprint created by a year of showering alone, around 40 trees must be planted? Small changes can make a big difference, so to help raise awareness of how much water and energy is used by a typical shower in a residential setting, Triton Showers have launched a TV ad campaign to encourage consumers to reduce their shower time.

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A survey by Irish Water1 found that 52% of the public acknowledge that they waste water and 25% of people believe that they don’t need to conserve water because of the level of rainfall in Ireland. However with an increase in water shortages, the government reacted with increased Water Conservation Orders.

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With the nation spending additional time at home over the past year, it’s unsurprising that we are using increased resources. In fact, research commissioned by Triton Showers shows that 7 in 10 adults are now using more water and energy, compared to before the pandemic. With a 5-minute shower, you can save water, energy and money. 5 minutes is enough time to luxuriate under hot water, enough time to sing your favourite song, possibly twice; and enough time to feel you’re doing the planet some good.


Simple ways to reduce energy consumption and save water

Tweak your bathing habits

It may seem like a basic tactic, but lowering the temperature of your shower or bath by just 1°C can have a positive impact on energy usage, particularly when you make it part of the whole family’s daily routine. You will barely notice the variance in temperature, but over the course of the year, you will see a marked reduction in your outgoings.

Go Electric

Not only does heating water on demand via electricity prevent unnecessarily warming resources that aren’t used, it also means you don’t need to predict usage. Whether you’re heading for a wash after a run, or it is hair washing night in your household, you can rely on there always being enough hot water – from the moment you set foot into your shower, to when you emerge refreshed and revitalised. To see how much you could improve your bills and consumption rates by making quick, changes, use Triton’s energy and water savings calculator here:

Don’t waste what you don’t need

Simply being more mindful of lights left on in empty rooms and how much water you use is the first step towards reducing energy use and costs. It’s also possible to reduce your energy bills by turning appliances off properly. When you leave your work laptop on at the end of the day, or finish watching the TV, power down completely by turning them off standby mode, and your finances will thank you. Another quick and simple action is to only put the washing machine or dishwasher on with a full load. Even if your machine has a part load setting, you’ll use less energy and water if you run it once when full, rather than twice when half full.

Tritons Electric and Digital Showers:


Awash with silence with the Triton T90SR (RRP 280), a blissfully quiet running pumped electric shower which features Triton’s Quiet Mark approved pump technology for a relaxing shower experience. Perfectly suited for those with low pressure water systems, the family friendly T90SR silent running pumped electric shower eliminates noise and allows you to enjoy a great shower at any time of the day, all you’ll hear is the whisper of the water. During the summer months the flow increases by up to 90%. This means that you no longer need to switch to the lower power setting, giving you a comfortable and powerful shower all year round.

Triton HOST

Inject a little high-tech into your morning with the Triton HOST which blends first-rate performance with cutting-edge design, allowing the user to start their unit remotely for maximum control. Triton HOST™ Digital Mixer Shower (from €500, mix and match accessories sold separately) should be the first thing on the shopping list for tech savvy shower users. The stylish, contemporary digital mixer offers a wide range of mix-and-match accessories so you can create the look you desire. The Triton HOST is suitable for every type of home water system – there’s even a solution for homes with low water pressure where an extra boost is needed to increase water flow. Triton’s silent running pump technology reduces noise without compromising on pressure, so an early start or evening retreat won’t disturb the whole household.


To find out more about the Triton’s entire range of electric, digital and mixer showers visit


To watch Triton’s 5 min energy saving TV ad, please visit:

To view Triton’s energy and water-saving calculator, please visit

Triton Showers has outlined a detailed schedule of activity focusing on the importance of sustainability and minimising the environmental impact of the business.

The strategy, which is being implemented as a priority during the second half of 2020 and throughout 2021, will involve a thorough review of recent work as well as identifying areas for improvement.

Considered a key business driver, the environment is one of five central values that Triton is actively working towards in alignment with its ‘Proud to be First’ ethos. From always thinking about what can be done to decrease waste materials, to the development of new products that are designed to help reduce water consumption and conserve natural resources, Triton’s mission is to lead in this space ahead of any other shower manufacturer.

Product promotion will focus on eco-friendlier products, such as the Eden Eco Thermostatic Concentric Mixer shower, which restricts the flow of water to limit consumption, and the T30iR compact handwash unit, which features infrared technology.

Beyond products, Triton has committed to initiatives that will help consumers make educated decisions about their product choices, as well as highlighting the difference a reduction in showering time can make.


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Author at Pynck

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