Home Moment New Moon candle launch eclipses May Flower full moon

THE latest pure essential oil candle to be offered by Dublin chandlers Home Moment was launched on an auspicious night early this month (16 May), the night of the Irish Celtic May Flower full moon which coincided with a lunar eclipse.

The handmade New Moon candle of pure soy and essential oils including lavender, camphor and sage as well as vanilla and sandalwood when lit has been fragranced to set new intentions while ridding of what no longer serves. Intentions set from the beginning of each lunar month follow the moon’s phases, the new moon serving as a time for a fresh start while setting the tone for the next cycle.

The HomeThe Home Moment co-founder Eileen Denham (along with Sinead Kelly and Deirdre Young) demonstrates the elegant packaging of subtly fragranced soy wax candles

The Home Moment’s Eileen Denham and sound artist Chloe McHugh opened the New Moon candle product launch with a sound bath experience at D-Light Studios in Dublin Ireland

Sophie Landstrom-Halbert and Ronan Kenny at the New Moon candle product launched by The Home Moment in D-Light Studios, Dublin Ireland

“It’s a very subtle fragrance,” said co-founder Eileen Denham while leading of tour of the chandlers at D-Light Studios in Dublin Ireland. “We manufacture and pack all the candles. When you open the candle you are loved, so the positive affirmation (included card).

“We do tiny little wildflower bouquets and when you scan the (accompanying wildflower card) QR code you go to a beautiful nature soundscape. We encourage you to scan it (QR code), put the soundscape on and then light your candle and have your meditative experience, the ‘Home Moment’.”

Sound bath artist Chloe McHugh presented a sound bath experience for guests of The Home Moment product launch

The Home Moment’s Eileen Denham demonstrates the subtle fragrances of scented candles in a tour of the chandlers at D-Light Studios in Dublin Ireland

Sarah Finnan (left) and The Home Moment marketing manager Fiona Donnellan at the New Moon candle product launch at D-Light studios

Sound was very much a part of the full moon launch night, featuring a sound bath by @sonasounds. The New Moon candle’s seed card can be planted when the sustainable soy wax and essential oils candle has burned away.

“We are not just a product, we are an experience,” Eileen Denham explained. “As time goes on the experience such as sounds we had tonight will be transferred and recorded into an experience that you can access online when you purchase one of our candles. For us it’s the psychology of scent and then matching it into the experience.

The Home Moment’s Sinead Kelly and medical aesthetician Dr David Lucey at the New Moon candle product launch in D-Light Studios

Eileen Denham (l-r) and Maria Young of The Home Moment and Carmel Gilroy at D-Light Studios Dublin for the New Moon candle product launch

The Home Moment at https://thehomemoment.com features a collection of essential oil candles including the four elements scent discovery set, a turf-scented candle and knitted woollens, all of which are available online


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Image credits: The Home Moment, Kim Mullahey


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