Top Trends in Swimwear for Men and Women

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What do you want in swimwear? Show it all off bikinis? Cover it all up modest skirted swimsuits? Classic? Wild? Sexy va-va-voom, or sophisticated and chic? So many choices; which styles speak to you?

Swimwear article 5-22 horizontal.JPG

Women’s bikinis by Luli Fama. Men’s swim briefs by Vilebrequin.

Luli Fama flowers 2 pc swim 5-22.JPG

This flower bedecked bikini by top luxury swimmer brand Luli Fama qualifies for both the Va and Voom! Definitely fits into the “all-eyes-on-you” category. A garden of earthly delights.

Luli Fama ruched top 5-22.jpg_cropped.jpg

Drawstring bandeau bikini top with Brazilian bottom. Luli Fama.

Luli Fama pink 2 pc 5-22. cropped.jpg

Luli Fama. Classic halter bikini in must-have magenta.

Luli Fama ombre stripes 2 pc 5-22.JPG

The silhouettes for bikinis are endless. Luli Fama.

Luli Fama polka dots at pool 5-22.JPG

Polka dots are always in style. Luli Fama.

Luli Fama drawstring bandeau top w skirt 5-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Luli Fama. Bikini with tiny matching sarong.

Luli Fama 2 pc w ruffle top 5-22 (2) cropped.JPG

Ruffled top with high waist, cut-out bottom. Luli Fama.

Luli Fama 2 pc w ruffle top pink wht 5-22 (2) cropped.JPG

Pink gingham with ruffle trim. Luli Fama.

Luli Fama one piece lace up 5-22 (2) cropped.JPG

Sexy lace-up maillot. Luli Fama.

Luli Fama blk wht polka dots 5-22.JPG

Bikini top accented with pom-poms. Luli Fama.

Luli Fama orange 2 pc 5-22 (2) cropped.JPG

Laced top and bottom bikini. Luli Fama.

Luli Fama paisley 2 pc 5-22 (2) cropped.JPG

Underwire bikini tops are a popular silhouette for summer. Luli Fama.

Luli Fama multi color one piece 5-22 (2) cropped.JPG

Luli Fama swimsuits are all about drama and more than a touch of luxe decadence.

Nike victory hijab modet swimwear 5-22.jpg

Nike full coverage modest swimwear.

Nike modest full covergae swim set tunic and leggings 5-22 cropped.jpg

Nike modest full coverage swim set with head covering, tunic and leggings.

versace print trunks men swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Classic Versace print trunks for men.

Versace swom shorts men swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Greca border swim shorts by Versace.

Versace reversible pool shirt and trunks swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Reversible pool top with coordinating swim trunks for men. Versace.

Versace chain mens swim briefs 5-22 cropped.jpg

Chain pinstripe swim briefs by Versace. Bikinis for women, bikinis for men. This is an equal opportunity swimwear article.

Vilebrequin mens short trunk blue swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Vilebrequin is a French luxury brand specializing in swimwear for both men and women.

1984 retro womens rashguard vilebrequin swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Retro print from 1984. Rashguard long sleeve swimsuit by Vilebrequin.

yellow embroider turles men vilebrequin swim 5-22 cropped use this.jpg

Embroidered turtles on men’s swim trunks, limited edition. Vilebrequin.

womens bathing cap Vilebrequin swim 5-22 yellow cropped.jpg

Women’s bathing cap. What’s old is new and totally adorable. Vilebrequin.

80s retro mens trunks vilebrequin swim 5-22 cropped (2) use this.jpg

Vilebrequin men’s trunks in a retro wave graphic pattern.

vilebrequin mens tie dyr flat belt swim 5-22 cropped (3) use this.jpg

Nautilus tie dye pattern men’s swim trunks. Vilebrequin has a mind-boggling assortment of prints to choose from.

Agua de coco colorblock 5-22 cropped.jpg

Luxury Brazilian swimwear brand Agua de Coco crafts artistically designed swimwear for men, women and children. Chic one piece color block suit.

Orcid orange 1 pc agua de coco swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Orchid appliqué over mesh one piece. Agua de Coco.

agua de coco green foliage i pc. 5-22 cropped.jpg

Attractive foliage print one piece swimsuit. Agua de Coco.

Agua de Coco green side tie bikini 5-22 cropped.jpg

Side tie Kelly green bikini. Aqua de Coco.

GiGi C blk wht rash guard swim 5-22 cropped use this.jpg

GIGI C is a Southern California mother/daughter brand. Cropped surf jacket with bikini bottom.

GiGi C pk cut out 5-22 cropped use this.jpg

Cut-outs continue to trend in fashion apparel as well as swimwear. GIGI C.

Gigi C faux leather one pc swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

GIGI C faux leather surfsuit.

Gigi C asy one piece lavendar 5-22 swim cropped.jpg

Lavender one piece. GIGI C.

GiGi C blk one pc cut outs cropped.jpg

Striking cut out maillet with plunging neckline. GIGI C.

Gottex swim dress 5-22 cropped.jpg

Sweet skirted swimsuit by Gottex.

Gottex navy wht high neck swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Gottex creates modest, full coverage swimsuits as well as bikinis and cover-ups.

Wine sq nk gottex swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Square neck one piece with graphic detail in rich burgundy. Gottex.

gottex embroid high neck swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Gottex is a top swimwear brand, founded in 1956. One piece halter swimsuit with intricate bronze beading.

cult gaia yellow one pc flower swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Cult Gaia. A definite “wow” in the swimwear category.

Rhinestone shldr bag Cult Gaia swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Cult Gaia is a luxury lifestyle brand with a focus on nature and art. Resort knit ensemble accessorized with rhinestone handbag.

embroider butterfly top cult gaia cropped.jpg

Beaded butterfly top. Cult Gaia.

crochet bikini top cult gaia swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Crochet bikini top. Cult Gaia.

cover up cult gaia swim 5-22 cropped (2) use this.jpg

Lovely hombre stripe cover-up. Cult Gaia.

Beach platforms cult gaia swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

From beach to boardwalk, platforms by Cult Gaia.

Pearl chocker cult gaia swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Fabulous Keshi pearl jewelry by Cult Gaia.

knit dress w rings cult gaia swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

What to put on after you wash off the salt from the ocean and get dressed for the evening party? Cult Gaia.

watercult available at odabaia, brown sugar swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

From Ôdabaïa’s selection of echo conscious sustainable swimwear. This striking one shoulder swimsuit is by Watercult.

1 puff slve Odabaia swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Ôdabaïa’s one sleeve floral bikini.

Lenny Niemeyer wht navy swim 5-22.JPG

Leading Brazilian design Lenny Niemeyer’s stylish and elegant plunge one piece.

Lenny Niemeyer top slv top bikini bottom 5-22 swim cropped.jpg

Tailored swim ensemble. Lenny Niemeyer.

lenny niemeyer grn ruffle swim suit 5-22 cropped.jpg

Swimwear as an art form. Lenny Niemeyer.

lenny niemeyer teal swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Bejeweled bikini. Lenny Niemeyer.

Zimmermann ruffle indigo swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Charming ruffled one piece with elegant cut-outs, by leading swimwear brand Zimmermann.

Zimmermann cut out frills swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Pretty florals, ruffles and cut-outs are signature Zimmermann elements.

Zimmermann resort dress swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Zimmermann features a wide assortment of resort wear.

Zimmermann one pc corset swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Sophisticated corset style maillet. Zimmermann.

Zimmermann rufffle wrap 2 pc swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Ruffled and tied bikini. Zimmermann. Watch the Zimmermann Summer 2022 video here.

mens lg slv swim shirt UV Skinz swim 5-22 cropped (2) use.jpg

UV Skinz brand sells UV protective swimwear and beach apparel for the entire family.

UV Skinz swim shrug w shorts 5-22 cropped use.jpg

Cropped jacket, beach shirt and shorts protect you from the sun’s rays. UV Skinz.

D and G women one pc blk cut outs swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Dolce & Gabbana, always dramatic.

D and G leopard print mens briefs 5-22 cropped.jpg

Men’s leopard swim briefs. Dolce & Gabbana.

D and G mens Italia swim 5-22 cropped.jpg

Viva Italia! Dolce & Gabbana.


Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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