Artnet News – Goldfish-Harming Art Show Sparks Outcry in Korea


Sotheby’s Will Shoot for the Moon with a Multimillion-Dollar Sale of Buzz Aldrin’s Personal Belongings Later This Month

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Christian Louboutin Is Taking His Red-Soled Shoes and ‘L’Exhibition[niste]’ Show on the Road. First Stop: Monaco

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An Artist Trapped Goldfish in IV Bags for a Museum Show in Korea. They Were Released After Visitors Complained About Them Dying

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Spotlight: Revisit Italian Artist Armando Marrocco’s Earliest Works, Which Elevated Woven Cardboard to the Sublime, in Paris

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Galerie Hurtebize
Jean Miotte, Untitled, 1963

Leona Craig Art Gallery
Pablo Picasso, 山羊侧面头像 (Goat’s Head in Profile, 1952

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