ARMANI DOLCI – Discover the Holiday 2022 Collection

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To celebrate this holiday season, Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino
offers its usual selection of typical holiday desserts, crafted with the
highest quality ingredients and following traditional regional
confectionery recipes with the utmost artisanal skill.

In addition to the 1 kg pandoro and chocolate pralines, this season
you can indulge in a 100 g or 1 kg panettone prepared in the
traditional Milanese way, offered in four different flavours: classic,
peach and gianduiotto, Moscato wine, or featuring a rich chocolate
coating and Guido Gobino decorations.

The design of the paper enveloping the large and small gift boxes
and tins is a graphic interplay of golden lines that intersect to form
a star pattern. The contrasting deep green background features
shading and veining reminiscent of a particular variety of marble,
often included by Giorgio Armani in his interior design projects.

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