New year, new in at Newbridge Silverware

THE fabulous garnet kicks off the year as the birthstone for January, one of a new collection of very special pendants from Newbridge Silverware.

While garnet is believed to bring the wearer good health, wealth and happiness, every birthstone in the new collections are perfectly embodied in chic, contemporary designs and each with their own special stone. New pendant collections can include a special stone or zodiac engraving with a personalised sentiment while there is one for every memorable month in new earrings and bracelets.

See the new collections online at or in store at Newbridge Silverware, the craft in Irish design since 1934 in Kildare Ireland.


Image credits: Newbridge Silverware

Tags: Jewellery Accessories

Kim Mullahey

Kim Mullahey is’s Ireland Correspondent. She holds an honours undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Chicago and has taught Adult Education Creative Writing Studies. Through a media career spanning nearly 25 years Kim has written and photographed regional news, national and international horse sports, fashion and lifestyle. Kim lives with her husband and son in Kildare Ireland, and a stray marmalade cat who has adopted the family.

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