Garrett Mallon Jewellery – Unveiling Timeless Elegance and Distinctive Craftsmanship!

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Garrett Mallon’s Handmade Irish Jewelry. Discover unique, timeless pieces that blend tradition with modern elegance.
Adorn yourself with the beauty of Ireland – Shop Garrett Mallon’s Handmade Jewelry today!

Radanta Silver Stoneset Pendant

Radanta Silver Stoneset Pendant
From: 140.00

garrett mallon earrings

Radanta Drop Earrings Stoneset
From: 540.00

Garrett Mallon Radanta Stoneset Ring

Radanta Stoneset Ring
From: 430.00

Garrett Mallon Amethyst ring

Pendulum Ring In Silver And Gold
From: 600.00

Garrett Mallon Pendulum Ring

Pendulum Ring In Silver
From: 320.00

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