Cannes Film Festival 2023 Best Dressed Celebrities on the Red Carpet

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76th annual Cannes film festival at Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France: Where the A-list stars come out to play

Cannes film Festival 2023 Best Dressed 5-23.JPG

Adriana Lima, Rahi Chadda, Natalie Portman, Helen Mirren, Patricia Bright. All images unless noted.

Cannes 23 jennifer lawrence v.JPG

Jennifer Lawrence

Cannes 23 kate beckinsale (2) cropped.JPG

Kate Beckinsale

Cannes 23 michele yeoh.JPG

Michelle Yeoh

Cannes 23 fan bingbing v.JPG

Fan Bingbing

Cannes 23 emilia shule v.JPG

Emilia Shule

Cannes 23 zhu long harpers.JPG

Zhu Long. Image: Harper’s Bazaar.

Cannes 23 manu rios Harpers.JPG

Manu Rios. Image: Harper’s Bazaar.

Cannes 23 catherine deneauv v.JPG

Catherine Deneuve

Cannes 23 catherine zeta jones v.JPG

Catherine Zeta Jones

Cannes 23 uma thurman.JPG

Uma Thurman

Cannes 23 patricia contresa v (2) cropped.JPG

Patricia Contreras

Cannes 23 brie larson v.JPG

Brie Larson

Cannes 23 alessandra ambrosio v.JPG

Alessandra Ambrósio

Cannes 23 elle fanning v.JPG

Elle Fanning

Cannes 23 gema chan white v.JPG

Gemma Chan

Cannes 23 iris law v.JPG

Iris Law

Cannes 23 anja rubik v.JPG

Anja Rubik

Cannes 23 viola davis v.JPG

Viola Davis

Cannes 23 laura harrier v.JPG

Laura Harrier

Cannes 23 alton mason v.JPG

Alton Mason

Cannes 23 luma grothe v.JPG

Luma Grothe

Cannes 23 calista flockhart v.JPG

Calista Flockhart

Cannes 23 gemma chan v.JPG

Gemma Chan

Cannes 23 naomi acai v.JPG

Naomi Acai

Cannes 23 carla bruni v.JPG

Carla Bruni

Cannes 23 polli cannibis v.JPG

Polli Cannabis

Cannes 23 didi stone v.JPG

Didi Stone

Cannes 23 natalir portman blue v.JPG

Natalie Portman

Cannes 23 dua lippa v.JPG

Dua Lippa

Cannes 23 sophia carson v.JPG

Sophia Carson

Cannes 23 siran riak v.JPG

Siran Riak

Cannes 23 ashley callingbull v.JPG

Ashley Callingbull

Cannes 23 kirsten dunst v.JPG

Kirsten Dunst

Cannes 23 Naomi Cambell in red v.JPG

Naomi Campbell

Cannes 23 irina shayk blue v.JPG

Irina Shayk

Cannes 23 isabell huppert.JPG

Isabelle Huppert

Cannes 23 cate blancett v.JPG

Cate Blanchett

Cannes 23 selma heyak.JPG

Salma Heyek

Cannes 23 jessica wang v.JPG

Jessica Wang

Cannes 23 rosie huntington whitley.JPG

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Cannes 23 irina shayk v.JPG

Irina Shayk

Cannes 23 leomie anderson v.JPG

Leomie Anderson

Cannes 23 michael fassbender and vikmer v.JPG

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander

Cannes 23 naomi campbell v.JPG

Naomi Campbell

Cannes 23 Ggig Hadid vogue.JPG

Gigi Hadid

Cannes 23 jason Fernandez harpers.JPG

Jason Fernandez. Image: Harper’s Bazaar.



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