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The World’s No.1 Electrical Grill Brand launches the new Immersa Grill, which is the brands easiest ever to clean.

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George Foreman, The World’s No.1 electric grill brand, has launched its new Immersa Grill, set to transform cooking experiences with game-changing washable like never before technology that allows you to pop the entire grill into the dishwasher.

Available in two sizes – Small and Medium – the George Foreman Immersa Grill is designed to fit into your everyday life with its sleek design and compact vertical storage.

The RRP for the George Foreman Immersa Small Grill is €94.99 and the Medium is €119.99.

Many may be hesitant about electrical grills due to perceived difficultly cleaning, so George Foreman have created their new Immersa Grill to make life that extra bit easier. Thanks to its removable control panel you can simply slide off the hinge containing the electrical component so the whole grill can be placed into the dishwasher, or fully submerged in the sink for a sparkling clean result.

If you’re worried about kitchen appliances draining your household energy then fear not, as both Immersa Grills use significantly less energy (77% for Individual Grill and 71% for Family Grill, vs a conventional oven), meaning you can cook up a storm without worrying about spending a fortune on electric bills – something everyone can get on board with.

The Immersa Grill is the ultimate appliance for those who are struggling for time and want to make quick and tasty meals without the hassle, as you benefit from faster preheat (52% for Individual Grill, 62% for Family Grill**), with no need to wait longer than necessary for your grill to reach optimum cooking temperature.

George Foreman’s Assistant Marketing Manager, Caitlin Wood, comments: “Many find electric grills a pain to keep sparkling clean, so here at George Foreman we’ve developed the Immersa Grill to take away the stress of cleaning.

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It’s a great addition to any kitchen, with the same expert cooking capability that you’d expect from George Foreman products, but now with unrivalled cleanability. The Immersa Grills were designed with consumers in mind, ensuring grillers across the nation can focus on what means the most to them – quality time paired with quality food. We’re confident the innovative dishwasher safe technology is going to revolutionise the grill market and reaffirm why we are the World’s No.1 electric grill brand.”

The George Foreman range is available from independent electrical retailers nationwide.

World’s No.1 Electric Grill Brand. Euromonitor International Ltd. See website for more details.

*One step removing of the hinge and sealing technology allows for the grill to pull apart, so that the whole grill can be put into the dishwasher or fully submerged in the sink. Tested on 100 dishwasher cycles

**Vs Previous George Foreman removable plate grills


About George Foreman

George Foreman is your mealtime friend who can inspire a world of recipes, no matter what the occasion. Whether you’re cooking outside of your comfort zone or simply short on time, George Foreman helps you eat well, more often. There are 17 grills currently in the George Foreman product portfolio across three ranges (Classic, Advanced and Premium).


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