The Best of Tokyo Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2024: Virtuoso Tailoring, Striking Silhouettes and Contemporary Fashion Drama.

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Tokyo FW 9-23 Horizontal image.JPG

A confection of candy colored tulle by Viviano Sue. Mens full, tapered trousers get a swashbuckling, Sinbad the Sailor edge by Rokubuen, A mix of lush textiles in succulent summer shades by Bench. Eye-catching ethnic patterned joggers go upscale at Global Fashion Collective. Japanese obi sash replaced by layers of leather belts for an edgy, bikercore aesthetic, Rokubuen. All images unless noted.

Tokyo 8-23 VS stunning blue tiered ruffles.jpg

Dazzling cascades of blue tulle embolden a denim suit by Viviano Sue.

Tokyo 8-23 VS blk tulle.jpg

Viviano Sue mixes textiles with artful tailoring to craft inventive apparel.

Tokyo 8-23 VS floral.jpg

Feminine florals and holiday ruffles by Viviano Sue.

Tokyo 8-23 VS silver sailor.jpg

Charming nautical silver sailor ensemble. Viviano Sue.

Tokyo 8-23 VS tulle trim pants.jpg

Slim French top paired with fabulous tulle trimmed tuxedo trousers. Viviano Sue.

Tokyo 8-23 VS Barbie pink.jpg

Malibu Barbie pretty in pink. Can you ever have too much tulle? Devotees of Viviano Sue say “bring it on!”

Watch the Spring/Summer 2024 Viviano runway show here.

Tokyo 8-23 HE mens embel jkt.jpg

Extravagant beading enhanced by a modern version of 17th century slashed sleeves turn a field jacket into an opulent, compelling fashion statement. HEoS brand by innovative Chinese designer Shoma Akatsukigawa.

Tokyo 8-23 HE boho.jpg

A luxe Boho ensemble. HEoS.

Tokyo 8-23 HE velvet shorts.jpg

Layers of opulent textiles. HEoS.

Tokyo 8-23 HE mens ochre pants front.jpg

Sheer fabrics continue to be spotted on the menswear runways. HEoS.

Tokyo 8-23 HE ochre pants back.jpg

Ultra wide terracotta linen trousers paired with a luscious sheer top that would be flattering on both a man or women. HEoS.

Tokyo 8-23 HE velvet pants beret front.jpg

Rich, glowing bronze velvet trousers paired with an asymmetric, wrapped pullover. HEoS.

Tokyo 8-23 HE velvet oants back open swtr.jpg

Designer Shoma Akatsukigawa considers the impression of the back as much as the front of the garment. This is romantic apparel that a woman will borrow from a man and vice versa. HEoS.

Tokyo 8-23 HE mens ssuit blk.jpg

Making a contemporary, bold statement. HEoS brand offers cerebral clothing for serious fashionistas.

Tokyo 8-23 HE karate jkt.jpg

Karate style jacket, wide brim straw hat and layered shorts. HEoS.

Tokyo 8-23 HE mens trench front.jpg

Subtly patterned HEoS trench looks interesting from the front…

Tokyo 8-23 HE mens trench back.jpg

And even more interesting from the back. HEoS.

Tokyo 8-23 HE mens sheer.jpg

Sheer shirt with coordinated beret, pullover and jeans HEoS.

Tokyo 8-23 HE mens velv top.jpg

In the case of the HEoS brand, gender-neutral fashion means everyone who wears this exquisite velvet shirt will look spectacular.

Tokyo 8-23 HE mens 3 pc suit shorts front.jpg

Shorts suits for men continue their reign. HEoS.

Tokyo 8-23 HE shorts suit back.jpg

The genius is in the details. Quilted back yoke, ribbon trim, patch pockets. HEoS.

Watch the virtuoso Spring/Summer 2024 HEoS runway show here.

Tokyo 9-23 SK toile raincoat.jpg

Charming toile printed raincoat with coordinated hat. By designer Shinya Kozuka, a graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art + Design.

Tokyo 8-23 SK crew top.jpg

Shinya Kozuka. Abstract long sleeve pullover paired with sheer leggings to ease into the uptrending “trouserless look,” popular in London and New York. (Just as an FYI: the “No Pants Subway Ride” in Manhattan has been cancelled for 2023.)

Tokyo 8-23 SK blk wht jkt.jpg

Hand painted jacket by designer Shinya Kozuka.

Tokyo 8-23 SK dog lover top.jpg

Endearing dog art work turned into apparel. Shinya Kozuka.

Tokyo 8-23 SK menswear.jpg

Snug long sleeve top paired with loose fitting white trousers featuring printed front. Shinya Kozuka.

Tokyo 8-23 RO red dress.jpg

Rokubuen Team is a Japanese fashion brand that incorporates the concept of the kimono into modern clothing.The three designer team, Yuko Mukai, Yuji Takeuchi and Daisuke Adachi channel the spirit of ancient warrior fashions such as Bushi, Samurai and Ninja and integrate those designs into their apparel.

Tokyo 8-23 RO kimono.jpg

Elegant kimono by Rokubuen.

Tokyo 8-23 RO tie dye.jpg

Fab tie dye cropped jacket and tapered sailor pants. Rokubuen.

Tokyo 8-23 RO split pant.jpg

Sophisticated floral jacquard jacket paired with front slit trousers.Rokubuen.

Tokyo 8023 RO full trousers.jpg

If you do decide to wear trousers, these are a must-have, accessorized with funky platform boots. Rokubuen.

Tokyo 8-23 kimono fabric RO cropped.jpg

Exotic silk kimono fabric fashioned into a breathtaking suit in the deft hands of Rokubuen.

Tokyo 8-23 ro lace dress.jpg

Lace sheath gown by Rokubuen.

Tokyo 8-23 RO navu suit.jpg

Sexy and smart, the three piece navy suit by Rokubuen.

Watch the entire Spring/Summer 2024 runway show here.

Tokyo 8-23 AB layered menswear cropped use this.jpg

A Blank Page brand offers cutting edge, gender-neutral apparel.

Tokyo 8-23 AB yellow.jpg

Multiple layers offer clients an unconventional fashion option. A Blank Page. The junk food piled a mile high behind the models must be sending a subliminal message; like maybe it’s time for a Twinkie?

Tokyo 8-23 AB red layers.jpg

Award winning Designer Larprojpaiboon Phoovadej was born in Bangkok, Thailand and founded the A Blank Page brand in 2022.

Tokyo 8-23 AB pink menswear.jpg

Interchangeable pieces. A Blank Page.

Tokyo 8-23 AB blue oversize.jpg

Fun and funky variation of an anorak jacket. A Blank Page.

Tokyo 8-23 AB texture color.jpg

Pattern, layered pieces and drapery unite to form a stylish, unconventional garment. A Blank Page.

Tokyo 8-23 AB denim dress.jpg

Strapless denim dress. A Blank Page.

Tokyo 8-23 AB half half.jpg

Statement making two tone suit.

Watch the A Blank Page Spring/Summer 2024 runway show here.

Tokyo 8-23 GF blk leggings.jpg

Global Fashion Collective is an expansion of Vancouver Fashion Week. This platform supports creative new designers by presenting their work around the world.

Tokyo 8-23 GF turq dress.jpg

The designers from GFC who presented in Tokyo were ALÇA, CEDIM, Couleurs d’Afrique, JUSMA, Karen Moriyama and Maxime Edward.

Tokyo 8-23 GF ethnic fabric.jpg

Exotic gown with a plethora of allure. GFC.

Tokyo 8-23 GF mens yellow suit cropped.jpg

Entrance making suit. GFC.

Tokyo 8-23 GF red coat.jpg

Attractive statement coat skillfully mixes tie-dye and solid fabrics. GFC.

Tokyo 8-23 GF mens white.jpg

Utilitarian pockets, outerwear textiles and trendy design elements become fashionable gorpcore, (good ‘ol raisins and peanuts, camping chic.) GFC.

Tokyo 8-23 GF blue dress vropped.jpg

Glamorous gown featuring lovely ethnic fabrics. GFC.

Tokyo 8-23 GF mens hombre coat.jpg

Luxurious hombre striped overcoat with ingenious belting detail. This garment could definitely go on anyone’s wish list. GFC.

Tokyo 8-23 GF yellow column dress.jpg

Slinky silk column gown in butter yellow. GFC.

Tokyo 8-23 GF beige ruched.jpg

Gauzy chiffon, a figure hugging ruched bodice and draping train cast an elegant spell. GFC.

Tokyo 8-23 GF tie dye suit.jpg

Digitized splashes of color, prominent collar and lace-up front create a desirable, modern suit. GFC. Because you need to see the back of this incredible suit, I’ve captured a screen shot from the runway video for you…

Tokyo 8-23 captured from youtube Global Fashion Collective detail jacket cropped.JPG

This is a must-watch Youtube video: Watch the Spring/Summer 2024 GFC runway show here.

Tokyo 8-23 08S blk wht pants cropped.jpg

Polished, inspired tailoring by 08sircus brand.

Tokyo 8-23 08S wht blse cropped.jpg

Sublime details create luxurious garments in the hands of masterful designer Kiminori Morishtia. 08sircus.

Tokyo 08S corset dress cropped.jpg

Corset sheath gown by 08sircus.

Tokyo 8-23 08S raincoat cropped.jpg

Magnificent trench by 08sircus.

Watch the elegant 08sircus Spring/Summer 2024 runway show here.

Tokyo 8-23 BE yellow gown cropped.jpg

Feminine, flowing and fascinating. Bench is a label created by four talented designers; De Lustico, Joey Samson, Chito Vijandre and Ricky Toledo.

Tokyo 8-23 BE korean gown print.jpg

Mystical gown that tells a story of romance by Bench.

Tokyo 8-23 BE mens.jpg

Menswear that speaks of sophistication and drama. Bench.

Tokyo 8-23 BE turq gown cropped.jpg

This collection was based on history, mythology and exquisite craftsmanship. Bench.

Tokyo 8-23 BE wedding cropped.jpg

We end our celebration of Tokyo Fashion Week with the wedding gown. This confection by Bench.

Watch the dazzling Bench Spring/Summer 2024 runway show here.


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