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The Favorite Festival Movies

Awards season celebrates films released across the entire year. But with the Toronto International Film Festival wrapping up now—and Venice and Telluride still recent memories—we’re taking stock of the 14 best world premieres we saw across all three major fall fests. From riotous comedies to heartbreaking romances to biopics that defy definition, these are all films worth anticipating when they make their way to broader audiences later this year—and movies that may be good to keep in mind as the Oscars draw nearer.

Elsewhere in HWD, Bill Maher decides to return to the air sans writers; Chris Murphy chats with the executive producers of Hulu’s new series The Other Black Girl; David Canfield catches up with Peter Sarsgaard, who’s coming off a major acting award at Venice; and Richard Lawson reviews one of the last big films out of TIFF, Nyad.

Best of the Fests

Venice, Telluride, and Toronto offered a wide range of titles worth anticipating. Our film-festival correspondents pick their favorites.

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Talk Is Cheap

“The show I will be doing without my writers will not be as good as our normal show, full stop,” Maher said on social media. But Real Time will return anyway, despite the WGA strike.

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On a special bonus episode of Still Watching, executive producers Jordan Reddout and Gus Hickey drop by to discuss their new horror-comedy series, The Other Black Girl, which hit Hulu on September 13.

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“Actors Are Scared”

Peter Sarsgaard may have just won best actor at the Venice Film Festival for Memory, but he tells Vanity Fair he’s looking forward—including on helping his striking union win before it’s too late.

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Just Keep Swimming

Annette Bening takes to Netflix’s aquatic biopic Nyad like a fish to—well, you know.

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