Get Holiday-Ready with Remington’s PROluxe You Range

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Get Holiday-Ready with Remington’s PROluxe You Range

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The PROluxe You range features innovative Style Adapt™ Technology which ‘learns’ about your hair.



PROluxe YOU Adaptive Wand (RRP €79.99)

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Create the perfect waves with the PROluxe You Adaptive Wand. Like the Straightener, the Adaptive Wand uses Intelligent StyleAdapt™ Technology to read your hair’s temperature more than 5,500 times† per styling session, learning your hair type, and styling technique as you style.

The 19-32mm conical barrel is perfect for creating beautiful, glossy curls that last all day for your best results. What’s more, the PROluxe You Adaptive Wand boasts healthier styling and up to 68% stronger hair thanks to its Super Heating System.

The Adaptive Wand also comes with two user profiles to store and remember data, perfecting the styling experience for you. It’s clever memory function enhances the experience of styling even further as it remembers the last setting you used on your next styling session. The Adaptive Wand also features digital controls and an LCD screen for ease of use.



PROluxe YOU Hot brush (RRP €79.99)

A close-up of a guitar Description automatically generated with low confidence The ultimate styling and finishing tool, the Adaptive Hot Brush is a must-have for styling and creating looks packed volume and bounce. Just like the other products in the PROluxe You range, the Adaptive Hot Brush also features StyleAdapt™ Technology, which consistently monitors and optimizes its heat output for salon-worthy styles.

What’s more, this is a Hot Brush like no other, as it promotes Healthier Styling, leaving hair up to 77% stronger.

The PROluxe You Adaptive Hot Brush boasts a large 38mm Heated Barrel and Smooth Glide Bristles to maximise performance and achieve your desired looks. With a fast 30-second heat up time (and manual temperatures all the way up to 210°C) as well as Digital Temperature Controls with an LED Display, beautiful results that last all day* have never been easier.


PROluxe YOU Adaptive Straightener (RRP €119.99)

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Like to rock the straight look? Achieve long-lasting results perfect for your specific hair type with the PROluxe You Adaptive Straightener.

Trying to find the correct temperature setting can often be a task, with many guessing and still getting it wrong, resulting in an unsatisfying end look. With Intelligent StyleAdapt™ Technology, these straighteners use AI to find the correct temperature and adapt the heat to you. A sensor strip located within the Advanced Diamond Ceramic Coated Plates reads the hair temperature up to 2,500 times per styling session, learning your hair type and styling technique as you glide.

With two user profiles, the PROluxe You Adaptive Straightener stores your information with its memory function from the very first pass, meaning that this clever tool can consistently achieve professional salon-worthy styles, every time.

Want to freestyle? As well as coming with two user profiles, and being designed to find the right temperature for you, the PROluxe You Adaptive Straightener can also be used in manual mode with up to 9 temperature settings ranging from 150°C up to 230°C.


PROLuxe YOU Adaptive Hairdryer (RRP €129.99)

word image 106225 6 Bouncy blow-dries are the classic look, and many of us try to emulate the voluminous go-to at home. With the PROluxe You Adaptive Hairdryer, you can achieve salon-worthy results every time from the comfort of your own home.

Like the PROluxe You Adaptive Straightener, the PROluxe You Adaptive Hairdryer uses Intelligent StyleAdapt™ Technology to learn your hair as you dry. Reading your hair temperature more than 1,800 times as you style†, the infrared sensor on the front grille learns your hair type and technique to personalise the settings to suit you.

Creating incredible results without the high price tag, the PROluxe You Adaptive Hairdryer offers 50% faster drying time allowing for quicker and healthier drying and picture-perfect results.

Thanks to its infrared sensor, you can also use StyleAdapt™ Technology in tandem with three style modes including Quick Dry, Diffuse, and Style. Want to switch it up? The hairdryer comes with a Diffuser, Slim Styling Concentrator and Wide Drying Concentrator for ultimate style freedom. What’s more, there’s also a manual mode built in. You can easily explore a total of 15 setting combinations, with the easy to operate LCD display screen.



Available from independent Irish electrical retailers and pharmacies nationwide.


Sean Mitchell

Author at Pynck

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