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Since 1913, Prada has been creating dialogue and challenging conventions, signalling new changes with radical elegance, intellectual purity, and unrestricted creative experimentation. Today, Prada rethinks beauty. Reimagining existing definitions and expectations, Prada proposes a free-thinking, avant-garde vision of beauty activated by tech and creativity. Skin and Colour are redefined through their intention, characterization, and expression to open new perspectives and possibilities of self-reinvention that is timeless, yet always evolving.

Prada rethinks Skin through the lens of adaptation as the new performance. Built on the purpose of helping skin adapt as fast as the environment changes, the Skin range from cleanser to foundation provides instant and over-time care. Prada Colour rethinks self-reinvention as the new self-expression. An invitation to explore all the shades of you, the Colour range covering eyes and lips offer maximal expression with minimal effort from versatile fashion-curated colours and smart textures. Across both categories, skin-conscious and potent formulas are encased in minimal yet sophisticated packaging that is unmistakably Prada. Developed with refill ability as a key pillar from the start, the product design presents one Prada Beauty experience that brings together codes of luxury, functionality, and responsibility in its intention and execution.



Prada introduces Skin and Colour, two emblematic offerings that reimagine beauty categories into two gestures: Skin for a full skincare-to-complexion routine including foundation, and Colour for a multi-dimensional spectrum of expressions. Realized in tandem, the respective skincare and makeup collections reconcile minimalism and maximalism; sophistication and playfulness; simplicity and  versatility, drawing from both heritage and technology for formulas and packaging that bring luxury and responsibility into harmonious conversation.

From eco-designed packaging to the skin-conscious formulas within, the new collection showcases precisely engineered architectural forms, intentional colour composites, and essential materials. The refillable mechanism is streamlined and intuitive to ensure maximal user experience with minimal environmental impact. The sensorial skin-fusing formulations are realized with an airy scent created by master perfumer Daniela Andrier, the nose behind the brand’s fragrance collection of Les Infusions de Prada. Layered with heliotrope vanilla accords and iris – an iconic brand signature – the Skin and Colour formulations radiate mindfully-curated scents that recall natural purity with a notion of strength and regeneration through technology.



What if we could accelerate the process of skin adaptation, not over a century or a generation, but on-demand, in real time? With the environment changing faster than our skin can adapt, this was a challenge for Prada.

– Professor Gillian Graves, Biommetism Expert

Prada rethinks skincare through the lens of adaptation as the new performance. In a perpetually evolving environment full of stimulants and stressors, Prada Skin allows skin to adapt as fast as the environment changes by empowering its inherent resilience.  The skin’s ability to renew, regenerate, and reinforce itself is augmented with Prada’s Smart Technologyä, a multi-potent complex that helps skin adapt to its environment in real-time. This precision technology originates from natural actives called adaptogens, a family of 15 rare plants that have existed for over 400 million years while withstanding extreme conditions across geological ages. In synergy with dermactive and dermocosmetic active ingredients like Proxylane, hyaluronic acid, vitamin CG, and ceramides, adaptogens were then reinvented into a breakthrough technology for Prada’s adaptive skincare.

The Prada Skin range includes:

  • Prada Augmented Skin The Cream – Day & Night – 60ml full product, 60ml refill
  • Prada Augmented Skin The Serum – Face & Eye – 30ml full product, 30ml refill
  • Prada Augmented Skin The Cleanser & Makeup Remover – 125ml



word image 106226 2  Prada Augmented Skin Day & Night Cream boosts skin’s primary functions with Smart Technologyä to renew, regenerate, and reinforce. The formula constantly rejuvenates skin with dynamic plumpness, translucent radiance, and resilient firmness. With over-time use, skin is optimized as Proxylane restores moisture; hyaluronic acid recharges skin volume to smooth out texture; vitamin CG provides antioxidant protection to revitalize skin and improve radiance; ceramides increase skin hydration and promote optimal barrier function.

Prada Augmented Skin Day & Night Cream transforms from gel to balm upon application. Formulated with technology realized over more than three years of development, this 2-in-1 cream has a powerful combination of 18% Proxylane, 2% vitamin CG, and 0.2% ceramide NP, and was tested on and provided effective results on over 1,000 individuals across different skin types.

From sourcing to extraction, the Augmented Skin Cream is realized with eco-conscious formulation processes without raw materials from the petrochemical industry. The refillable design allows for 86% less packaging use1, compared to repurchasing a full new product.



word image 106226 3  Harnessing the power of Smart Technologyä to recalibrate the skin’s natural functions, the Augmented Skin Face & Eye Serum revitalizes skin structure.

Hyaluronic acid works to refine skin texture, enhancing volume and density, while the antioxidant properties of squalane even skin tone to reveal a translucent radiance.

Prada Augmented Skin Face & Eye Serum transforms from cream to water upon application. Created with 2% peptides and 1% squalane, this serum is encased in refillable packaging that allows for 72% less packaging use2, compared to repurchasing a full new product.



Prada Reveal Skin Optimizing Foundation enhances the skin in three dimensions – tone, luminosity, and texture – to reveal soft-filtered skin in-real-life. Instantly upon wear, the foundation creates a unified skin expression with a soft matte finish using the advanced IRL(In-Real-Life)-micro-filterä technology. This patented hero technology exclusive to Prada optimizes light diffusion with a smart  molecule that micro-crystallizes onto skin, revealing a naturally radiant and seamlessly filtered complexion with breathable 24-hour wear.

Over time, the formula optimizes the three skin dimensions with a potent ingredient complex. Pure vitamin E improves overall skin tone; 100% active niacinamide enhances the skin’s inner light and locks in moisture; Lactobacillus extract complex refines skin texture.

The foundation comes in 33 flexible shades with buildable coverage to provide customizable wear across an inclusive spectrum of skin tones and undertones. AI technology-powered and human-tailored, the shade design is based on an algorithm of 3,000 different skin tones scanned for greater accuracy and personalization in colour-matching. The refill mechanism allows effortless reloading and reusing with 62% less packaging use3.



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The Prada Reveal shade spectrum:

Prada Reveal Skin Optimizing Foundation  -30ml full product, 30ml refill – 33 shades

  • Dark Cool: DC70, DC80
  • Dark Neutral: DN70, DN75, DN85, DN90
  • Dark Warm: DW70, DW75, DW80, DW85
  • Medium Cool: MC45, MC50, MC60
  • Medium Neutral: MN40, MN45, MN50, MN55, MN60
  • Medium Warm: MW40, MW45, MW50, MW55
  • Light Cool: LC5, LC10, LC15
  • Light Neutral: LN5, LN10, LN15, LN25
  • Light Warm: LW5, LW10, LW15, LW25



From cleanser to foundation, Prada offers a holistic and customizable routine based on skin’s unique needs. Skin performance is further augmented when Prada Reveal foundation is used in combination with the Augmented Skin cream. Following a synergy test4 across skin types, approximately 90% of all participants were able to attest to this effective synergy between the two formulas. After the initial application of foundation and cream together, product testers saw an instant bare-skin effect with easier makeup application; after one week, they experienced the two products acting in synergy while feeling breathable all day; after four weeks, they noted upgraded skin from augmented routines. To complete the full skin optimization routine, Prada offers the Augmented Skin Cleanser & Makeup Remover. The 2-in-1, cream-to-foam cleanser is coded with Smart Technology™ and a potent blend of amino acids, glycerin, and Lactobacillus ferment to purify skin texture while optimizing suppleness and radiance.



Prada Colour brings a touch of eccentricity to a sophisticated complexion. An invitation to explore and experiment, Prada Colour sees self-reinvention as the ultimate self-expression. Prada Colour is fashion-curated. The lipsticks provide two perspectives on matte, inspired by the ubiquitous mattified lips seen on Prada runways since the brand’s first Ready-to-Wear show in 1988. Drawing from the Prada fashion archive that holds 27,000 textiles and patterns, the eyeshadow palettes showcase an unexpected curation of pigments in dynamic finishes.  Prada Colour is tech-augmented. Avant-garde technologies are at the core of Prada’s SMART TECH-XTURES™, designed to provide hyper flexible, blendable, breathable yet durable wear with over-time care. In constant dialogue between physical pigments and digital colours, Prada Colour offers an experimental spectrum of IRL-URL expressions.


The Prada Colour range includes:

  • Prada Monochrome Hyper Matte Durable Weightless Lipcolor – 8g full product, 8g refill – 13 shades
  • Prada Monochrome Soft Matte Buildable Weightless Lipcolor – 8g full product, 8g refill – 13 shades
  • Prada Balm Lip-Optimizing Care – 8g – 1 shade
  • Prada Dimensions Durable Multi-Effect Eyeshadow – 6g full product, 6g refill – 6 palettes



word image 106226 5 From textiles to textures, Prada Monochrome reinvents the brand’s signature materials – Saffiano leather and Re-Nylon – to offer two perspectives of matte. In 26 fashion-curated shades rendered with two different matte finishes, Prada’s refillable5 lipstick range opens doors to explore all the shades of you. The Hyper Matte lipstick delivers intense, one-stroke pigments with a deep matte finish reminiscent of Prada’s signature Saffiano leather. Completing the lip range, the Soft Matte lipstick reveals softly diffused colours that recall the luminosity and versatility of Prada’s iconic Re-Nylon fabric.

Prada Monochrome rethinks matte by challenging expectations. Intense and matte on the outside, the weightless formulas with Micro-Fitä Technology glide on seamlessly to provide a long-lasting yet non-drying wear that feels imperceptible on the lips. The bifidus extract and jojoba oil provide visible and durable care with overtime use. The texture fuses in contact with the lips to ensure high colour adhesion. The new matte lipsticks are curated into four iconic colour families that are mindfully drawn from Prada’s vision and inspiration. Brown, a representation of unpopular “ugly-chic” elements; Red, a timeless colour that is both urgent and eternal; Pink, affectionately referred to as “the non-serious colour”; Orange, an empowered statement that bridges past, present, and future.  Designed with a refill system that allows for 76% less packaging use6, the lipstick features a logo stamp and square ring accent for controlled application and an anti-roll function, in gold on Hyper Matte lipsticks and silver on Soft Matte lipsticks. An emblematic Prada triangle bullet provides effortless glide and easy definition.



With a textured bullet that resembles Prada’s signature Saffiano leather, the Hyper Matte Durable Weightless Lipcolor offers one-stroke payoff with up to 12-hour wear7. 13 profound colors are formulated with a black base to reproduce the Saffiano leather’s high-density colour depth and a sophisticated matte finish that suit all skin tones.

Prada Monochrome Hyper Matte shades:

  • Browns: B01 Argile, B02 Quartz, B03 Mahogany, B05 Fauve
  • Reds: R26 Lava, R27 Rubino, R28 Fuoco, R29 Pompeï
  • Pinks : P55 Fuxia, P56 Notte, P57 Ultraviolet
  • Oranges: O76 Amber, O77 Arancio



With a textured bullet that mirrors Prada’s iconic Re-Nylon fabric, the Soft Matte Buildable Weightless Lipcolor offers adjustable, buildable coverage. 13 luminous matte colours are formulated with a white base to recall the luminosity of the Prada Re-Nylon in soft, diffused colours that flatter all skin tones.

Prada Monochrome Soft Matte shades:

  • Browns: B101 Tiepolo, B102 Sienne, B103 Auburn, B105 Tonka
  • Reds: R126 Scarlatoo, R127 Carmino, R128 Granato, R129 Lacca
  • Pinks: P155 Blush, P156 Candy, P157 Pourpre
  • Oranges: O176 Nacarat, O177 Flamingo



Prada Balm is a lip-optimizing formula with a universal Prada-Green shade and a natural matte finish. Worn alone or as the optimal primer underneath Prada Monochrome, the balm enhances the natural look of the lips. Infused with bifidus extract and jojoba oil, it smooths, moisturizes, and strengthens the lip barrier, offering up to 24 hours of lip comfort8.



From prints to pigments, Prada Dimensions reconstruct iconic prints from the brand’s archive to present six fashion-curated eyeshadow palettes. Each palette allows to explore all your dimensions with an eclectic range of three sophisticated neutrals and a single eccentric accent in four dynamic finishes including satin, soft matte, hyper matte, and meta foil. The versatile curation of shades and textures offers endless combinations of easy-to-wear, easy-to-dare eye looks with maximal colour expression.

Prada Dimensions are created using a low-pressure injection process with Micro-Pixelä pigments, which allow one-stroke payoff with greater resolution and color density. The hybrid creamy-powder finish eyeshadows blend and layer without falloff, while their skin affinity provides weightless comfort and up to 12-hour durable wear9. The Plukenetia volubilis oil offers a seamless glide-on application. The Prada Dimensions refill system allow for 75% less packaging use10 when compared to repurchasing a full eyeshadow palette. Each palette is equipped with a mini high-density foam applicator and a mini blending brush with high-density fibers and bevelled edge for versatile, on-the-go use.

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Prada Dimensions Eyeshadow Palettes:

  • 01 Portrait (Reinvented Nudes & Azalea)
  • 02 Profusion (Futuristic Smoky Chartreuse)
  • 03 Pulse (Fearless Purple & Arancio)
  • 04 Poetry (Sweet Pinks & Biliardo Green)
  • 05 Pure (Burnt Oranges & Astral Blue)
  • 06 Pulp (Neo Powder Pinks)



Prada Beauty Tools are artistry-engineered essential, multi-use tools. The versatile brushes are designed by Prada makeup artists and created by fine arts manufacturers. Faux fur-inspired, the advanced synthetic fibers are hand-crafted one-by-one to provide high-performance makeup application, sensoriality, and durability. The ultra-durable brass handle with laser-engraved Prada logo adds a touch of luxuriousness to every stroke.


An exclusive Prada-patented tri-lamellar brush optimizes foundation application by combining the benefits of flat and round brushes, and firm, medium, soft fibers. The iconic triangular shape with triple density allows controlled precision on curved areas, smaller corners, and flat surfaces for buffing. The flexible, maxi-sized brush delivers seamless layers with a smooth, natural finish.


Optimized for blending, layering, and setting lighter eyeshadow, the Eye Blending Brush offers even application in quick and effortless motions.


Optimized for blending, layering, and shaping darker eyeshadow, the Eye Shaping Brush adds depth and dimension with a tip designed for sculpting and contouring the eye.


Optimized to create an intensified look with all eyeshadow types, the Eye defining brush has a round shape and a tip for added precision in tracing and defining the eye. The density allows even application and controlled definition on the corners or along the lash line.


Three-tone blenders help set the tone with a round shape and triangle tip with the Prada logo. Compatible with liquid, cream, and powder textures, the blenders are designed with three sides: the triangle tip allows for greater precision, the flat side helps with controlled blending, and the rounded side is designed for all-over bluffing.


Rethinking beauty by bridging physical and digital  


The Prada tools include:

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  1. Prada Powder Diffusing Brush
  2. Prada Powder Sculpting Brush
  3. Prada Foundation Optimizing Brush
  4. Prada Concealer Buffing Brush
  5. Prada Eye Blending Brush
  6. Prada Eye Shaping Brush
  7. Prada Eye Defining Brush
  8. Prada Brow & Eyeliner Brush
  9. Prada Lip Filling Brush

Prada Foundation Diffusing Sponge – 3 tones



To communicate a vision that bridges the IRL and URL dimensions, Prada has appointed two official brand talents: a global creative makeup artist and an e-makeup artist to create an enriching creative dialogue, exploring the apex of real and digital life as it relates to Skin and Colour. Palettes and communication are realized through collective intelligence, signalling the first time a major fashion brand has worked with a physical and digital artist to realize a beauty collection. The two “phygital” (physical + digital) brand makeup artists play an integral part of colour development, using their vision and expertise to reinforce brand uniqueness.



London-based makeup artist Lynsey Alexander tempers an artful practice with prescience of what’s to come in the beauty world. A major collaborator with some of the world’s biggest beauty brands, runway presentations, and editorials, Alexander’s sophisticated point of view on colour and detail inform a universe that is sleek, elegant, and at once entirely human.



Paris-based 3D artist Ines Alpha creates unexpected and imaginative renditions of reality with unfettered aesthetic freedom. Having begun her career in art direction in advertising, Alpha now specializes in beauty and luxury, with her main body of work consisting in the ‘3D Makeup’ series where she pushes the boundaries of beauty using 3D software and augmented reality. In collaboration with Lynsey Alexander, Alpha explores digital possibilities of avant-garde makeup.



Six unique faces – each chosen for their singular force – brings to life Prada Beauty’s avant-garde vision and offering. The campaign employs four codes to establish the Prada Skin and Colour image.  Coding, omnipresent throughout the campaign, represents the cutting-edge technological innovation behind every product. Light, inspired by the key benefit inherent in every Prada Beauty product, is exalted through the photographic inversion of shadows to create luminous halos around Prada’s people and products. The Prada Triangle and Prada Green are reinterpreted through a hyper-tech approach, which sees the triangle crafted from coding and light. The campaign is realized through an apotheosis between talents including Photographer/Director Tim Elkaim, Director of Photography Benoit Delhomme, and 3D Studio Tomorrow Bureau. A creative collaboration that speaks to Prada’s celebration of collective intelligence.


Rethinking beauty with tech-augmented services

Prada’s exclusive beauty-tech services integrate human expertise with technological innovation to conduct advanced skin analysis, revealing its current condition and its potential for optimization. These services are led by patented software’s and resulting, in-depth visualizations of skin, enabling a deeper decoding of the skin, unveiling insights into untapped potential.



Prada innovates a skin diagnosis device across both skincare and skin tone. Through the diagnosis of skin parameters, the Skin Decoderä is designed to break down and illustrate clinical signs of the skin – whose adaptive capacities are at the heart of Prada’s skin methodology – whilst revealing your true skin tone. Developed in collaboration with L’Oréal Research and Innovation, Prada’s cutting-edge device utilizes advanced algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence, incorporating convolutional neural networks machine learning and visualizations to assess numerous skin parameters. The diagnosis explores the current nature of the skin and gives us tech-based insights to advise on how to optimize the skin through Prada’s adaptation-driven formulations.



A virtual makeup try-on service featuring the Prada Colour catalogue in full, the Colour Expolorerä offers enhanced customization options for a reimagined expression of Prada’s eye and lip colours. An invitation to explore, this beauty-tech service empowers users to experiment with their desired Prada looks and express their ever-evolving self.


Official Talent biography



Lynsey Alexander’s name is synonymous with a refined, expressive, and ever-evolving breed of beauty. Long moved by makeup’s enduring potential to embolden and empower, she is an artist renowned for her ability to traverse the line between the classic and the thoroughly modern, the minimal and the daring, the exuberant and the unexpected. Based in London, Lynsey’s reputation and position sees her travel the globe, transcending faces of the world’s most famous models and celebrities, operating in the highest echelons of fashion editorial, advertising and shows. Lynsey values her community of collaborators as a rich and enduring creative stimulus for her output.

Lynsey’s career has not only involved the creation of countless campaigns and runway looks, but also the creative direction and development of makeup lines, notably for MAC during her ten-year role as their Senior Makeup Artist. It was at the end of this tenure that she met world-renowned makeup artist Lucia Pieroni, who she then went onto work for as full time first assistant for seven years. In this capacity, Lynsey not only supported at the highest level of editorial, advertising, and shows, but also assisted very closely with the development of Shiseido’s Cle de Peau Beauté collections.   Now, in her position as Global Creative Makeup Artist for Prada Beauty, Lynsey has called on her know-how, not just as a global makeup artist, but also as a beauty explorer with a passion for boundary-breaking technology, to transform creative briefs into beautiful and iconic products.


“Beauty is – to me – a dialogue of extremes. I love the interplay between disruption and conformity. In this new chapter with Prada, stepping into a world where technology confronts the sense of beauty as we know it excites me hugely. As an artist I always hope to cultivate this free-spirited state of mind.”
– Lynsey Alexander



Hailing from Paris, Ines Alpha is an internationally recognized digital artist who started experimenting with 3D while digging the beauty, fashion, and luxury industries as an art director. Eager to expand her toolbox, she self-learned 3D software in her spare time and found herself collaborating on several side projects. These opportunities unlocked gates to otherworldly spaces inhabited by iridescent life-forms, as she was discovering the limitless possibilities offered by technologies and CGI productions. From there, she deepened her physical exploration and merged makeup and tech through a forward-thinking approach, which became her unique signature style: 3D makeup.

Since 2016, she has been pushing the boundaries of makeup, working on digitized bodies, and taking advantage of this new tech-fuelled freedom within the concepts of beauty. She explores self-empowerment in the internet age by creating her own ethereal, futuristic narratives and AR accessories a “robot might wear to the MET Gala in the year 3052”, Lil Miquela once said. However, her artworks open meaningful and critical discussions beyond the sparkly social network party. As never-log-off behavior has become the new normal, she offers promising alternatives to those struggling with confidence. Using 3D software and augmented reality, Ines merges both the real and the virtual to build a new future within beauty space while unfolding a progressive perspective that deconstructs and buries cosmetics preconceived ideas.

Ines is regularly invited to lectures in France and abroad, most recently at the Vogue Ukraine conference, NFF festival in Utrecht, and Pictoplasma in Berlin. She has collaborated with the creative industry’s biggest names such as Dior, Burberry, or Selfridges and some of the pop scene’s top artists like Charli XCX, BIBI, or Yelle. Finally, her works have been shown in “Aquaria” at the Maat Museum in Lisbon, Art Mûr in Montréal, and Coreana Museum in Seoul, and have been featured in media such as VOGUE, i-D, Wired, and Dazed beauty, among many others.





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