On the factory floor with Prada

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On the factory floor with Prada’s Andrea Guerra and Lorenzo Bertelli
By Luke Leitch
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The CEO and marketing director talk succession, recruitment, growth and acquisition at the opening of Prada’s recently expanded knitwear factory in Umbria.
Inside Diptyque’s culture and community-focused store concept
By Akanksha Kamath
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The French fragrance brand is launching an immersive retail experience that taps into its founders’ artistic roots.
Why Lagos Space Programme is pulling out of Paris Fashion Week
By Ezreen Benissan
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The move highlights the unique challenges facing African designers as they try to scale internationally; even those with industry recognition in the form of prize wins.
Meet the London duo building a new kind of luxury resale
By Lucy Maguire
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Known Source’s founders want to elevate secondhand fashion and streetwear to feel like curated retail. Scaling up a side hustle isn’t easy.

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