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Vivienne Westwood – FALL 2021 READY-TO-WEAR

Vivienne Westwood FALL 2021 READY-TO-WEAR This collection’s refreshed melange starred a print of Daphnis and Chloe, a 1743 painting by François Boucher from the wonderful Wallace Collection that sumptuously pictures a sleeping shepherdess being ogled...

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Alexander McQueen – FALL 2021 MENSWEAR

Alexander McQueen FALL 2021 MENSWEAR https://www.alexandermcqueen.com/en-ie Typical to the house was tailoring that blended the ceremonial with the severe and was resistant to timestamping: a pair of gray flannels that featured double pleating and...

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Christopher Esber – FALL 2021 READY-TO-WEAR

Christopher Esber FALL 2021 READY-TO-WEAR Esber’s base is partial to peek-a-boo details, and here, he worked the crochet idea into midriff embellishments and metal belts. In a relaxed take on dressing up, a fine...

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Aliétte – FALL 2021 READY-TO-WEAR

Aliétte FALL 2021 READY-TO-WEAR Indeed, Aliétte’s enterprising celebrity fans like Zendaya, Amanda Gorman, and Regina King haven’t slowed down a bit, and their tenacity was addressed via the designs. Each look spoke to a...

feature 40

Versace – FALL 2021 READY-TO-WEAR

Versace FALL 2021 READY-TO-WEAR Under the sea of monograms, the garments themselves were—in contrast—a viable proposal for a post-lockdown wardrobe: easy, smart, and real. Sci-fi fabric treatments and styling stuff like harnesses fused with...

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Burberry – FALL 2021 MENSWEAR

Burberry FALL 2021 MENSWEAR In this alternate-heritage universe, the trench coat that opened the show was rendered in soft beige wool, and when it turned around, its back was defiantly chopped off and hybridized...

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