Beauty product: Neutrogena Norwegian’s Formula Deep Moisturiser

Beauty product of the week: Neutrogena Norwegian’s Formula Deep Body Moisturiser

What is the best way to prolong your holiday tan (or fake tan should you be partial to the St. Tropez!)? Moisture, Moisture, Moisture! A good, rich, everyday moisturiser should be an absolute essential in your tanning, post holiday routine! And we literally don’t think you can beat the good old drug store Neutrogena Norwegian’s Formula Deep Body Moisturiser!

Cheap as ever you can pick this up on your grocery shop, or if you just pass a Boots! You should always keep one of these saviours handy. Use every morning out of the shower, and every night before you slip into your beautiful silk Pyjamas for a bit of a pamper before bed.

Locking in and topping up your skins moisture ensures that you do not go dry, which is one of the main reasons your tan will fade and flake! So this (again) is an absolute must have, add to your basket now!

To shop the Neutrogena Norwegian’s Formula Deep Body Moisturiser, click here.

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