Hats off to Conor Duggan, Neil O’Reilly & Conor Mulligan for their initative in setting up a brand new company  a “tailored to your taste” wine subscription company.

This subscription model has been successfully used by retailers in the past, but in 2021 selling wine has moved way beyond the trade norm to on-line formats that utilises all the geeky algorithm’s it can to pin point your personal wine preferences.  Sign up, complete a quick online questionnaire and the boys will chose a personalised box of three bottles of top quality wines for you to try on a monthly basis.

They have an introductory price of €49 per month that will buy you three wines, delivered every month (as long as the subscription continues) with tasting cards about the wine selection, food pairing suggestions and any other relevant info. The wines are guaranteed to be different and you won’t be seeing them on supermarket shelves.

The selling point is the surprise element, which is what wine enthusiasts find the most appealing.  Who of us doesn’t want to discover that gem of a wine that tastes like it cost a hellofalot more?

On  you can also  make individual purchases , why not try their “Netflix and Chill” Box, or the  “Rosé Bubbles” Box.   The site is also great for other gifts  if you want to send wine to someone as a pressie you can also include soap, socks or choocies, these boys have thought of everything!  They are working in partnership with Dalkey Handmade Soaps, Irish Sock Society and Skellig Chocolates.  All are delivered nationwide. A perfect gift package destination for everyone who wants to send out to friends and family to help them celebrate a birthdays, anniversaries,  special occasions or just to say thank you during these lockdown days.


For more information go to or find on Facebook and Instagram.


Sean Mitchell

Author at Pynck

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