Creative Irish jewellery brands connect with the world at Showcase Ireland

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IRELAND has for thousands of years been known for exquisite jewellery and making skills and the country’s exhibitors are set to be at the first Virtual Showrooms at Showcase Ireland in less than two days.


One of the jewellery brands to watch while visiting Showcase Ireland’s virtual showrooms is Absolute Jewellery


The virtual Creative Expo this year will open Monday 25 January and continue through the 29th (Friday) and while renowned for its heritage brands the wealth of Irish designers also have designed contemporary pieces. It’s simple to access Ireland’s most talented jewellers in the Showcase Virtual Showrooms at

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Aria-V brand jewellery pieces sourced from exquisite natural stone are not to be missed while in the Showcase Ireland virtual showrooms


“It is wonderful to see hundreds of creative brands from throughout Ireland connect with retail buyers from all over the world at this busy and vibrant trade fair,” said Design & Crafts Council Ireland managing executive of Design & Crafts in last year’s timeless statement on Showcase opening day. “The productive activity among Irish designers and makers as they network with buyers is testament to the positivity and desire among retailers for high-quality Irish designed and crafted products worldwide.”


Exhibiting at Showcase Ireland are jewellery designs by Sandia Dublin


Jewellers to watch at this year’s Showcase Ireland include Absolute Jewellery for the prolific range of necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings and brooches along with Arlene Nee’s Rose Gold Collection, the new Silver by Absolute and the Little Angels children’s range.

Varya Nasaraeva-O’Neill is the founder and designer behind Aria-V Jewellery, and all of her pieces are designed and individually crafted in her Dublin Ireland studio using the finest natural stones sourced from around the world.


Download the full exhibition participants at virtual Showcase Ireland 2021


Also worth keeping a ‘virtual’ eye on is Sandia Dublin, the young jewellery company which won Irish Country Magazine’s 2018 Irish Made Award accessories category and was the same magazine’s 2020 runner-up. Brand founder and designer, Venezuelan Betzy Nina produces surprisingly lightweight and colourful jewellery inspired her homeland’s blue seas, soft sands and tropical forests from unexpected materials including rubber, leather, resin, porcelain, stone and wood.

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