In the Pynck with the latest Hairdressers Journal

ALL of the team at are In the Pynck about the latest edition of Hairdressers Journal, packed full of thought-provoking content filled with essential information. Read on at and find out what clients really want as the pandemic has completely shifted expectations.

Read expert opinion about what clients really want in the latest Hairdressers Journal


Find out what was said in the exclusive Hairdressers Journal’s exclusive conversation about the latest lockdown in the ongoing bid to get ahead of the coronavirus financial supports available to the UK hair industry as salon consultant expert Ryan Fox imparts his expert opinion.

Get ready to glam up for the free virtual British Hairdressing Business Awards on Monday 25 January at 8pm GMT and see some of the past HJ Salon Stylist of the Year winners, all fantastic stylists who provide impeccable customer service and business stars.

Past HJ Stylist of the Year makes an appearance in the latest Hairdressers Journal


Fans have been in overdrive about Zayn Mallik’s bleached blonde hair since just before Christmas. See what they are on about in HJ. Hairdressers give some of their favourite Netflix Hair Moments and in the New Collection of the Week, Darrel Starky shows his ‘Roots’ Collection inspired by the growth of a life’s journey.

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