Irish Polo Foundation country-wide training programme

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THE Irish Polo Foundation has rolled out an ambitious training programme for beginners and improvers that is expected to be offered at polo clubs across the country this summer and may include Northern Ireland.

Wellbeing experts brought toning and relaxing exercises to the Irish Polo Foundation training event at Curraghmore Polo Club in Waterford, Ireland

Jessica O’Mahoney (left) was at the training event to improve on her existing polo skills with coaching from top Irish player Siobhan Herbst

Training included a tutorial with high performance coach Jamie McCarthy

Speaking with at the first in the anticipated series of training events that opened at Curraghmore Polo Club in Waterford Ireland, the Irish Polo Foundation’s Tina White said that this season’s opening programme had cemented plans to roll out the programme nationwide. Tina is a founding member and Chair of the IPF Women’s Section, and Chair of Curraghmore Polo Club.

“With the success of this weekend we plan to bring training to all the (Irish) clubs, that is the goal,” said Tina White. “We are making arrangements with Bunclody Polo Club (in Wexford Ireland) and we are hoping to schedule more (events) this summer.”

Lady Caroline Beresford, Marchioness of Waterford and grandson Harry at the training event where son and dad Lord James played team polo in a high performance demonstration tournament

Beginners and improvers aim for the goalmouth in a training event at Curraghmore Polo Club in Waterford Ireland

Playing polo requires plenty of fuel and Paddy Flavin and Cassie Bolster refueled at a barbecue served up by Chef Walter

As well as wellbeing experts, the intensive training event earlier this month (18-20 June) received support from high performance coaches from Northern and Southern Ireland and veteran ‘playmaker’ players including Jamie McCarthy, Alejo Tagle, John Flavin, Nick Murphy, Siobhan Herbst, April Kent and Mark Ronan.


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