Primer: the essentials for superstar skin

Flawless makeup is something we all aspire  to;  that perfectly hydrated skin, minimized pores,  and luminous base is a tall order, so do not panic if your makeup is not matching the cover of  vogue – airbrushing exists.

But how do we get close if we want to? How can we avoid our make-up separating and coming  back to haunt us in photos with flash? Pynck is here to help with all of your questions about which  primer is for you.

In essence, all a primer really does is hydrate and aims to keep your make-up on a little longer – so perfect for your night out where you want your make-up to stay impeccable. However, so give  a few added benefits depending on what you are looking for.

Take  Dior’s  Backstage  Face  &  Body  Primer  for  example.  It  is  boasted  to  be  one  of  the  most  hydrating ones on the market that provides a blurring effect and peachy undertone so as not to  dull the skin. Despite being extremely hydrating it is also mattifying so you don’t have to worry  about looking shiny. We think some of the best primers make you feel like you could get away  with just wearing  that! However,  if  you are going  for  coverage  it  is a  fabulous accomplice  to  perfection.

Next  up  is  a  cult  favourite and  internet  sensation  thanks  to Mikayla  Nogueira  – it’s  the Milk  Makeup Hydrogrip  Primer. It is a  sticky gel  that  helps  to keep your make-up locked in and is  especially good for ensuring no movement or fading if you are covering a pesky spot or blemish.   It has a groovy molecular make-up of cannabis seed extract as well as aloe, hyaluronic acid, B  vitamins and cherry blossom in order to ensure you skin stays hydrated despite the initial sticky  texture. Double up with the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Eye Primer to keep your eye shadow intact  all day and night as well as help prevent smudging and creased under-eye concealer.

If minimising pores is the aim of the game, two to try would be Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filt’r  Instant Retouch Primer or Benefit’s The Porefessional – both available in  two sizes. Rihanna’s  Fenty Beauty line has risen to fame and has quickly become a beauty influencer’s favourite from  the packaging to the diverse shades to ensure the best colour match – it’s no wonder she has  also created a fabulous Primer that mattifies the skin to look as flawless as hers. It glides on with  a silky texture to blur pores and causes skin to stay luminous but not oily. Equally, Porefessional  is a cult classic and the OG go to of pore coverage. It also evens out skin tone and texture as well  as targets any fine lines to ensure a smooth flawless base for you to start your makeup routine  right.


Sarah Cameron

Author and Social Media Correspondent

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