Combat Winter Dampness with Russell Hobbs Dehumidifiers

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Combat Winter Dampness with Russell Hobbs Dehumidifiers: Your Essential Ally for a Dry and Cosy Home This Season

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Russell Hobbs 10L Dehumidifier RRP €199.99

Dehumidifiers are the ideal tool for drying laundry, reducing humidity, and minimising the physical signs of damp and condensation. This Dehumidifier removes up to 10L of water from its surroundings in 24 hours. The water full alarm is designed to alert you when the tank needs emptying. It has an Auto Defrost and Restart feature, which prevents water from freezing on the dehumidifier’s cold coils as it is pulled from the air, ensuring continuous performance.

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Russell Hobbs 20L Dehumidifier RRP €279.99

The 20 Litre Dehumidifier is suitable for a room size up to 50m2, perfect for larger rooms. It features an easy to empty 3 litre water tank and has a maximum extraction rate of up to 20 Litres a day. This model also includes a Timer, Smartmode and dryer setting for an extra boost on laundry day. It also features a continuous extraction mode for maximum extraction rate, a water full indicator and a 600mm hose for continuous drainage.


Available from independent electrical retailers nationwide.


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Author at Pynck

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