Triton’s spa-style Amore DuElec

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Fall in love with Triton’s spa-style Amore DuElec™


Combining a fixed, overhead rainfall drencher with a handheld shower head, it’s easy to customise your showering experience by diverting water between the two luxurious options – or using both together for a really invigorating blast.

The stylish Amore DuElec™ combines contemporary looks with intuitive technology. It has touch-activated controls paired together with an OLED display, which clearly and accurately highlights selected power and temperature settings.

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Available in two different finishes – gloss black and gloss white – the product has a slender riser rail that coordinates seamlessly with modern fixtures. A wide-diameter shower head with rub clean nozzles has been added for quick and easy cleaning, while Triton has also included an anti-twist hose for extra safety – to prevent unwanted kinks and blockages.

Furthermore, Triton’s Amore DuElec™ offers an energy-efficient way to heat and use water, for a cleaner conscience when showering. By heating instantly and on demand, it avoids unnecessary wastage without compromising on performance. Every drop of water saved makes a difference, so you can wash without worrying about overusing precious resources or unnecessarily inflating household bills.

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Tina Simpson, Marketing Director at Triton Showers, said: “The Amore DuElec™ is designed to deliver the best of both worlds for homeowners – bringing the money and energy-saving benefits of an electric system together with hotel-style luxury. Whether updating a bathroom or turning an ensuite into a relaxing retreat, the Amore DuElec’s™ ultra-sleek design will bring a touch of sophistication to any space without costing the earth.”

The Amore DuElec™ has a RRP of €470.00. To find out more, please visit:

Sean Mitchell

Author at Pynck

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