Irish Cancer – A Pink Ribbon to support breast cancer patients?

Irish Cancer Society - would you like a Pink Ribbon to support breast cancer patients?

Dianne Fitzharris Doyle was just an ordinary woman facing an extraordinary ordeal.

After Dianne was diagnosed with breast cancer while expecting her second child, she had to face into two surgeries while pregnant. She had to endure six months of gruelling chemotherapy immediately after giving birth. She had to go through 20 sessions of radiotherapy.

It’s at this time that she needed all the care and support possible. Thanks to your kindness Jacqueline, Dianne was able to reach out at a number of crisis moments.

She reached out to one of Cancer Nurses at the Daffodil Centre in the University Hospital Waterford. She reached out by phoning the Irish Cancer Society’s Cancer Nurseline for emotional support when she was at home experiencing distressing side effects of her

None of this would have been available to her, if you – and thousands of other kind and compassionate supporters – didn’t donate to make these crucial services available.

Neither would we be able to offer our Volunteer Driver service all over Ireland to drive people to their chemotherapy appointments. We wouldn’t be able to support cutting-edge cancer research projects and promising clinical trials.

And believe me… your help is badly needed. Each year over 3,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Ireland, and an average of 700 people die from the disease. With cancer rates set to rise in fact, we need you now more than ever.

That’s why I’m turning to you today to ask you to make a gift of €50, or whatever you can afford, to provide free services for even more women facing breast cancer, like you did for Dianne.
Your pink ribbon is on reserve to wear in support. Make your donation today and it will be on its way.
The Irish Cancer Society isn’t just a charity. It’s a community of caring hearts – including yours – bound together by a common purpose. A commitment to strive for exactly the right help at exactly the right time in exactly the right place – to whoever needs it. And that’s what you’re a vital part in. ❤️

It’s hard to believe that we have to rely on the incredible generosity of people like you for almost all of the funding to continue these caring supports and services. But we do, as only 2% of these crucial lifelines are funded by the Government.

Irish Cancer Society - would you like a Pink Ribbon to support breast cancer patients?

“Today, life is back to normal. Now I just want other women to get the same help I did. There are so many in a dark place right now whose lives will be changed because of you and the generous action you take today.

And please, join me during Breast Awareness Month by making a special gift to the Irish Cancer Society and wearing your Pink Ribbon. Together we can raise awareness and help support the vital services provided by the wonderful Irish Cancer Society. I’m living proof donations make miracles happen.”  Dianne Fitzharris Doyle

Sadly, we all know someone who has been touched by cancer. And we all know what it’s like to not know what to say or what to do. To really want to help – but to feel helpless.

Well, now there is something inspirational that you can do. Please make a lifesaving gift of €50 right now, to help so many women in Ireland today who face the devastation of breast cancer. Because the good news is – together we can really help with caring supports and practical services.

And we’ll have your pink ribbon on its way to you to wear throughout October and show your support for breast cancer patients in your local area and all across Ireland.

Thank you again for all your wonderful support


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